Error calling method on NPObject!

Have you seen this error? If you work with Flash actionscript and Javascript, you probably have. It can be pretty frustrating the first time you see this error since it’s not very informative. In my experience, this happened when I was trying to communicate with actionscript via Javascript using ExternalInterface call. The problem was sure enough a security issue with Flash. The solution for “Error calling method on NPObject!” is to add:"");

Add this to the Flash file you’re communicating with. Keep in mind that is different from to Flash.

, , , ,

  • Ref

    mozilla console:“localhost”);
    ReferenceError: System is not defined

  • Ss

    because it’s not JS command, it’s flash command -.-

  • Kkkasd

    does not work for me :S

  • Electronic Cigarette

    this work for me , thanks for your tips!

  • Barry Stanton

    Hi i have just had error calling method on npobject, as i was listening to internet radio and had it before as i know nothing about computers well just a little can you tell me what i need to do like instructions as i have tried to google but no answer to show me? thank you.
    FIREFOX 16.0.2

  • ventiv

    uninstall your main browser you use and reinstall it than restart your pc this will work and the npobject error is only a 1 site thing i had this on one of the game sites i play on and doing what i said reinstalling than restart will get rid of the issue

  • Adam

    How about a way to solve this problem rather than work around it with additional code to get screwed up. Not everyone is a web developer or programmer like you. I’ve searched numerous sites about this error and it seems different for everyone. Uninstall/reinstall of Chrome didn’t work. It can’t be centralized to Firefox and I know this because I don’t HAVE Firefox, let alone use it. IE is crap, so I’ve been using Chrome. The error message comes up on every page EXCEPT Facebook or if I go incognito. Any ideas?

  • vishunal

    that was happen to me it comes every second when you go to another web page

  • Lawrence Antoine

    Alright, about the error Npobject. The way i fixed the problem was, on the toolbar I disabled and deleted “TV bar 2” it’s a green emblem of a (w) left side, top screen… It’s a extension that was on there when I downloaded Google chrome. So i assume it’s apart of the download. HERE ARE THE STEPS TO FIX THE ISSUE… (1) Go to your edit extension, by right clicking on the tool bar. (2) close the default search settings page, that pops up. (3) On the left side of the screen click extension (4) Look for the “TV bar 2” extension, DISABLE FIRST (5) THEN DELETE …

  • Su Samples

    Wild Tangent Games. I have had problems with my computer for months with NPObject thing popping up. Just delayed Wild Tangent Games and noe no problem. Green W.

  • AskYous

    To solve this issue, a coworker told me to put the swf files in the same location (domain) as the JavaScript files.