Google Cr-48 Pics

Today I unexpectedly received a Google Cr-48 in the mail. Sweet – Thank you, Google!

For those of you who don’t have the history on this device, Google announced it’s pilot program for their new Chrome OS. It’s a pretty ambitious project, they’re betting the fact that we all live in our browser and use that as the foundation for the OS. They even launched a new Chrome Web Store so you can install new apps for your device/browser. One of my favorite things about all this was the focus on speed, security and transparency. If you think about it, the most annoying thing we face today with software is installing updates and we all get lazy sometimes and put it off. Google has solved this by doing everything in the background, making sure you’re secure and up to date with the latest software. This Chrome OS is really secure too.

The Cr-48 itself is a nice little machine, it’s lightweight and super fast. I did have some trouble getting used to the trackpad but overall the experience was really great. One of the first things I noticed was the updated keyboard. In place of the caps key you’ll find a ‘new tab’ button as well as buttons to help you navigate your browser. This really is the keyboard you always wanted and it’s quite refreshing. Setup took about 5-10 minutes. Whew! This isn’t meant to be a polished machine but I can appreciate all the effort that went into this. Chrome OS is pretty badass and it’s only going to get better.

I’ll post a follow up once I spend some time with it.

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