Missing SDK in Xcode iOS 4.2

I finally went to the dark side, today I begin my journey on learning Objective C and developing for iPhone and iPad. Coming from a backround in Actionscript and PHP, it’s been quite a challenge learning Objective C. The syntax is very strange to me but i’m excited to learn new things. One of the things that peaked my interest was that they’re really strict about memory management and everything is very efficient. I plan on making regular posts here and sharing what I learn along the way.

One of the first issues I had when opening up the sample code from Apple’s developer site was the dreadful “Missing SDK” in Xcode. After digging around a bit I found how you fix this. It’s very simple, In the “Project” menu drop down, select “Edit Project Settings” and a dialog will come up. Finally, under the Architectures section change the “Base SDK” to the latest version and you’re good to go. You may have to restart Xcode for the changes to take place.

iOS 4.2 Fix Missing SDK in Xcode

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