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PHP base_convert() in AS3

Here is a quick example of how to use PHP’s base convert function in AS3. A lot of people use this function for shorter masked URLs like YouTube. Easy enough but took me a minute to find the equivalent in actionscript. PHP: function encode36($x){ return base_convert($x, 10, 36); } function decode36($x){ return base_convert($x, 36, 10); […]

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Error calling method on NPObject!

Have you seen this error? If you work with Flash actionscript and Javascript, you probably have. It can be pretty frustrating the first time you see this error since it’s not very informative. In my experience, this happened when I was trying to communicate with actionscript via Javascript using ExternalInterface call. The problem was sure […]

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Lighttpd, Flash and Crossdomain.xml

A few weeks back I ran into a rather odd situation when trying to load an xml file via Actionscript across multiple domains. No matter what I did, it would not load! Typical way to resolve this is to put a crossdomain.xml granting access to the swf host location right? Well, if you’re planning on […]

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