Google Cr-48 Pics

Today I unexpectedly received a Google Cr-48 in the mail. Sweet – Thank you, Google! For those of you who don’t have the history on this device, Google announced it’s pilot program for their new Chrome OS. It’s a pretty ambitious project, they’re betting the fact that we all live in our browser and use […]

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Missing SDK in Xcode iOS 4.2

I finally went to the dark side, today I begin my journey on learning Objective C and developing for iPhone and iPad. Coming from a backround in Actionscript and PHP, it’s been quite a challenge learning Objective C. The syntax is very strange to me but i’m excited to learn new things. One of the […]

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PHP base_convert() in AS3

Here is a quick example of how to use PHP’s base convert function in AS3. A lot of people use this function for shorter masked URLs like YouTube. Easy enough but took me a minute to find the equivalent in actionscript. PHP: function encode36($x){ return base_convert($x, 10, 36); } function decode36($x){ return base_convert($x, 36, 10); […]

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PHP: Check if a URL exists with cURL

In my previous post about email validation one user pointed out that this will not actually validate if a website’s domain actually exists. Here is a simple function that will do just that, determine if a website exists using PHP and cURL. Edit: After searching a bit, I found another similar cURL solution that checks […]

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