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JQuery: Sorting JSON results

This is a follow up to a previous post on sorting elements using JQuery. A few people messaged me asking how to modify the code to sort JSON results from a ajax request so here it goes. The JSON (json.php): [{“id”:600385,”name”:”Featured Titles”,”url”: “http://www.example.com”}, {“id”:562680,”parentId”:567182,”name”:”Business”,”url”: “http://www.example.com”}, {“id”:562677,”parentId”:567186,”name”:”Other Misc.”,”url”: “http://www.example.com”}, {“id”:562664,”parentId”:567186,”name”:”News \u0026 History”,”url”: “http://www.example.com”}, {“id”:562678,”parentId”:567186,”name”:”Men\u0027s General”,”url”: “http://www.example.com”}, […]

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JQuery sort()

Today I was trying to figure out how to sort a set of list item elements alphabetically using JQuery. Seems simple enough but after searching around I couldn’t find any ready made solution. The best I could find was JQuery Table Sort (which is a nice sorting package but not what I was looking for). […]

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