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iOS tip: Center UILabel in tableFooterView

If you’re building an app that supports portrait and landscape you will probably run into an issue with keeping things centered after device rotation. Below is a quick example of adding a UILabel to a UITableView’s footer and keeping it centered regardless of device rotation. The trick is to use autoresizingMask which does all the […]

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SDWebImage fixed width cell images

While looking for a easy solution to load uitableview images remotely, I came across a great library called SDWebImage. It’s very simple to use and provides a lot of flexibility for loading and caching images in your iOS project. As I started to use it, I ran into a issue when loading inconsistant thumbnail image […]

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Missing SDK in Xcode iOS 4.2

I finally went to the dark side, today I begin my journey on learning Objective C and developing for iPhone and iPad. Coming from a backround in Actionscript and PHP, it’s been quite a challenge learning Objective C. The syntax is very strange to me but i’m excited to learn new things. One of the […]

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